UPDATE: Supreme Court Will Hear Roy Moore’s Case

The Supreme Court will hear Roy Moore’s case to have the election he lost to Doug Jones thrown out. Moore alleges that thousands upon thousands of illegal votes were cast and that to not toss out the entire election would be a travesty of justice.

Moore has proclaimed time and time again that he is an agent of the Lord and that he will have his seat in the United States Senate. Doug Jones, the man who beat Moore by cheating, was sworn in by Mike Pence yesterday, which creates a whole new issue.

The Supreme Court can order the election thrown out and they can tell Alabama to have a new election, but can they remove a Senator that has been sworn in legally and constitutionally? Legal experts have varying opinions. The Moore campaign says it can worry about that after they’ve been declared victorious.

If the Supreme Court does overturn Jones’ victory, it will be unprecedented. It will mean that regardless of whether Jones is removed from the Senate or not, the highest court in the land will have acknowledged widespread voter fraud. That’s good news for Democracy. Alabama has enacted some of the toughest voter ID laws in the country, which is why it makes no sense how many illegals and indigents voted anyway.

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