UPDATE: New Jersey Democrats Charged With Kiddie Prostitution Ring Outed [NAMES, DETAILS]

This is like something out of an episode of “Bad Boys Gone So Far Off The Range They Should Be Shot.”

When the Comet Pizza child prostitution ring was exposed, the Democrats and globalists behind it turned it into a public shaming of conservatives. They fed misinformation that sent a concerned patriot overboard to our groups and pages through fake news. Before long, anyone who believed in a child prostitution ring was “crazy like Alex Jones.”

The origins of that ring have now been exposed more than 250 miles away in Crossfield, New Jersey, where three State Senators and the Democrat Party Chair for The Northeast have been taken into custody by a New Jersey “black ops” recovery team.

According to Governor Chris Christie’s office:

“Senators Sherat, Longwell and Mackelroy will be spending the rest of their lives behind bars. The State Police recovered girls in their ‘safe houses’ as young as 12 working live sex webcams and being sold to powerful perverts overseas.

Today is a huge win for the United States and for New Jersey.”

There is still very little information available about the story and President Trump’s office hasn’t yet responded to the news. We’ll keep you updated on this developing situation.

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