Trumps Top 3 Most Impressive Accomplishments (Share To Piss Off Liberals)

President Trump has been in office now for more than a year, and what a year it has been. Outside of all of the things we hear about every day, President Trump has made moves and accomplished more behind closed doors than Obama did in 8 years of “change.” Here Are the top three accomplishments from Trump that you hardly ever get to hear about:

3 – Merry Christmas!

Trump didn’t just say it and point to a sign. He actually reversed more than a hundred Obama-signed orders that removed the word “Christmas” from American life. From imposing fines on store-owners to firing federal employees for wearing ugly sweaters, Obama did all he could to destroy Christianity; it’s no wonder our most sacred day came into his crosshairs.

Thanks to President Trump, we won’t see another repeat of that travesty unless the Dems manage to get another Muslim elected.

2 – Hooray For Clean Coal!

The Trump administration knows that coal is the cheapest, cleanest burning and most abundant fuel on the planet. Since he took office, Trump has re-issued permits to reopen mines across the Appalachian Mountains that Democrat inspectors deemed “unsafe.” New, realistic inspectors are saying that those mines may have been closed prematurely and that if American workers choose to risk their lives for a great-paying job, they should be able to.

More than 400K jobs have come back to clean coal in just under a year. In an industry that only has 52K jobs to begin with, that’s pretty impressive.

1 – Your Dollar Goes Further Than EVER Before!

While Obama focused on regulations that would help his friends in wind and solar and rules to “save the planet” from the global warming that doesn’t exist (it’s currently 11 degrees in Maine), Trump is focused on making sure your money goes further. Sure, we want American jobs, but all that Chines merchandise Americans use can’t just be discounted. Instead, Trump is making sure that toaster you paid $20 for last year will only cost you $17.50 next time around.

Experts say that by 2020 this country will be sitting right where it was in late 2005, when people, banks and Wall Street ALL did very well. If we can keep the next Obama from coming along and ruining it all we’ll be in good shape.

There you have it. Make sure you share this so liberal heads explode!

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