Traitor Steve Bannon Takes A Job On Team Soros

Steve Bannon, who has just become famous for dropping Donald Trump under the bus with a quote in a new book by a liberal communist. Bannon, who was always a staunch Trump supporter and one-time close ally, is now changing his story and position as he transitions into a new job for George Soros.

How convenient.

Soros stepped in after Breitbart, Fox News and OANN all turned Bannon down for a job after he was canned from the White House. He offered Bannon enough, apparently, to compromise his morals and make him lie about our President and his team. Bannon, who has laughed about how the feds will “crack little Donnie like an egg on live TV,” will work with Soros to continue molding the message that Trump is some evil mastermind and not a man trying desperately to make our country great again.

Bannon will start his new job next Monday and get right to work “educating the public about the evils of the Trump regime.” In other words, he’s about to become yet another little pawn in the George Soros game of lies. He can join Hillary and the Democrats as they watch Trump and his ideals win again and again.

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