THE WHOLE STORY: Jake Tapper Charged With Assault For ‘Throat Punching’ Stephen Miller

Media outlets have been twisting the story of White House Senior Aide Steven Miller’s interview with Jake Tapper into some kind of a “disaster” to cover for the truth of how it really ended. According to multiple reports, Miller “refused to leave” the studio because Tapper made him look so “foolishly disorganized and utterly unprofessional” that he had to try everything he could to continue arguing.

That’s not even remotely true. The reality is, after the last segment aired, Miller told Tapper that he was all done answering Tapper’s stupid questions when Tapper walked around the table and “throat-punched” Miller so hard he had to be held for medical treatment.

During that time, Miller was unable to get the word out that he was being held against his will while the fakey fake news CNN built this lie of a story and edited the tapes to make Miller look like a complete tool. When Miller was finally “cleared” by CNN doctors, he went directly to the authorities who have served Tapper with a summons to appear in district court at 3:00 PM Monday.

The story is still being pushed down by Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so nobody finds out before Tapper can file a motion to seal the proceedings. Get the word out. Make sure Jake Tapper pays.

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