The ‘Obama Foundation’ Just Broke Its First Federal Law

The United States Attorney for Northern Illinois has informed the Department of Justice that it will seek formal charges against the Obama Foundation and indictments against four senior officers for racketeering. The “charity,” as it turns out, spends more money in Chicago than any other city, yet there is literally nothing to show for it.

The Foundation has a Post Office box in the city but no office. The warehouse they pay for was being used as an illegal poker room. The four people in charge of distributing goods and services to those in need in the city are now looking at serious jail time and the Foundation, still in its infancy, is looking at a setback that may bring it to its knees:

“A charity at this stage with this much public support should be distributing millions of dollars worth of food and winter clothing in a city like Chicago. They should be offering cash for illegal guns to get them off the street. They should be offering classes to youngsters about civic pride and avoiding the thug life.

Instead, it’s been more of the same we’ve come to expect with the Obama name. Failure.”

Obama has kept himself predictably out of harm’s way once again, diverting questions to the Midwest Vice-President of Operations:

“I don’t do the day to day, but I can assure you, I will get to the bottom of this and fix it.”

Don’t worry, Barry…the law will fix it for you.

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