REPORT: NFL Makes Final Policy Decision On Kneeling Ahead Of Planned Super Bowl ‘Protest’

On hearing that the Philadelphia Eagles were planning a “protest” this Sunday that would have seen every single African-American player along with two Hispanics and Caucasian left Guard Tom Willis on their knee “praying for equality” during the song that is a symbol of the men and women who died for their freedom.

In response, the NFL’s new Anthem Response Committee has introduced new rules that will require all players and coaches not willing to stand out of respect to remain in the locker room or be disqualified from gameplay that day. Basically, they can kneel all they want, but they can’t do it to spite our veterans and set a bad example for our children.

Clarice Bergmeister, Secretary of Media Affairs, also added that there will be stiff consequences for media outlets covering the locker room and not the field during the playing of our National Anthem:

“If you’re here to get clicks on a picture of some disrespectful stooge rather than doing your job and covering what matters, the NFL will take your credentials.”

The new committees and rules were rolled out just last week by Roger Goodell, who says that the NFL can’t keep losing money to empty stadiums and lost money from people burning their NFL gear. “It just isn’t worth it,” Goodell said, “boycotts work, I’ll tell you that much. Our players will either get in line or go use that college degree they ‘earned.'”

Altogether, almost 90 percent of the Eagles’ roster would have taken a knee, leaving Nick Foles, the kicking staff and a couple of offensive tackles all by themselves. “I’d be OK with that,” said Foles, “As long as on the field it stays peaceful and respectful.”

The new rules will carry over into the 2018-2019 regular season.

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