Mosque That Turned Away Hurricane Irma Victims Burns To The Ground

The Al Arsa Mosque in the Florida Panhandle made national news this year when they refused to open their doors to people fleeing the path of hurricane Irma. The mosque, run by Imam Naveer Jal Kalmanjara, won’t have to worry about what happens when the next hurricane bears down on Florida; it just burned to the ground.

The local Fire Marshal told our reporter in the field:

“At first we thought we’d find some burning crosses or some kind of Hitler graffiti. Figured it had to be one of them protest groups. Nope. Somebody left the coffee pot on in the basement and Allah couldn’t figure out how to shut it off. The place is a total loss.”

The pagans who use the mosque could be seen outside praying to their moon god for another place to launch their terrorist attacks from. For now, this area of town appears to be fairly safe.

To follow-up on the story, the mosque did eventually open it’s doors to the public, but only after it had provided a private shower, meal and prayer time for Muslims. It seems that even in a hurricane they think they’re better than us.

The Imama says the mosque will rebuild and that “Allah wills it.” Yeah…right. Maybe Allah should learn what a circuit breaker does.

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