BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Being Forced Out-You Can Help

The truth behind why Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-NC) announced his retirement today has been leaked by a staffer to the Rithman Times Dispatch and is making its way across Europe on its way back to the liberal lying American press to twist.

Congressman Gowdy has been accused of sexual assault by an intern who was barely 18-years-old when Gowdy allegedly made his move. According to the staffer, Gowdy said he’d rather resign than be put through the ringer over these lies:

“Trey is a good man and these lies have all been fabricated by Democrats looking to steal another seat from Congress. Trey wants it to stay hidden. I can’t do it. He didn’t do those things that man said he did. He couldn’t have. He’s a good, married Christian.”

The allegations are still a bit unclear, but according to rumors, Gowdy may have assaulted a young man after an office party back in 2009. The intern, Sanford Batt, says Gowdy gave him a drink and the next thing he knew he was alone and naked in the shrubs outside of Gowdy’s Washington apartment.

According to a private investigator, Batt is a con artist who has probably never been in the same room as Trey Gowdy. Alas…that’s how liberals like to play.

You can help by showing Trey Gowdy your support. Shoot him a message and let him know you don’t believe he slept with that young boy. The number to his office can be found here.

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