BREAKING: Passed Out Drunk Barack Obama Humiliated On Camera

Barack Obama had himself a night out on the town in Atlanta Tuesday that has turned into a PR nightmare. Pictures of Obama with rapper D Money and his security guard, Shifty Peet, have surfaced and are making their way around the internet.

The first image shows Obama with D Money and what is obviously a water bong. Marijuana is still illegal in Georgia:

D Money even bragged about it on his Facebook page:

The final bit of humiliation, though, is the final picture, which was taken by a random stranger, showing D Money and Shifty Peet with their passes to Obama’s big lecture on how the black man is being kept down and their new-found pal giving the big, drunken thumbs up:

This might be a terrible invasion of privacy for a typical person, but someone who used to hold such an important office should at least try to be a better role-model for our children.

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