BREAKING: Obama Ordered The Government Shutdown

Verified sources inside the three stations monitored for movement of the Deep State Shadow Government have all confirmed that Barack Obama is behind the ridiculous demands the Democrats brought to the White House in an 11th-hour attempt to avoid a Government Shutdown. Obama, who secured a seat of power among globalists after the American people ousted him for Trump, is now waging a little “payback.”

According to Leslie Manfriedston, Obama’s need for power escalated when he realized the left wouldn’t have Hillary to cry to. He realized he had to make a difference for them and be their crusader, making sure lazy assholes get the most free stuff possible in exchange for their vote:

“Obama is set up inside every single department Trump runs. He has infiltrated every facet of the federal machine from the highest general to the White House kitchen porters. What we are witnessing here is the beginning of a coup that will come served with a phony federal warrant and the hate of a bunch of ‘intellectuals.'”

Obama has ordered the Democrats to stand their ground, and every single one has pledged to obey. They love it when this guy, who hates everything they’re sworn to protect, tells them how to be traitors to their country and its people.


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