BREAKING: Federal Judge Halts The Release Of The New Anti-Trump Book

Judge Harmon Wayland of the 3rd Texas District Court of Appeals has granted Trump’s attorney there an injunction that halts the release of a new hit piece fake news book written by a liar. The book, which was to have its release date moved up to today, will now be on backorder until at least February 15th so the lawyers can sort out the mess.

The mess is a pile of lies. The author of the book, well known to hate Trump, made up so many untrue stories that the Trumps are considering filing defamation and libel suits before the book is even released.

Amazon reports that they have received more orders for the book than any other in the history of their company, and they facilitated the release of JK Rowlings’ last 4 books. “It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen,” said company CEO Sharon Terwilliger, “People really want the dirt on this guy.”

According to reports and reviews, the book is cover to cover hit-piece trash. It starts with negative stories from his childhood, brings up the middle with lies and hyperbole and ends with a prophecy of devastation so ridiculous it’ll have you laughing out loud. It’s so bad the administration almost let it out unabridged.

Unfortunately, there are far too many liberals out there who will believe anything if it’s on Facebook.

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