BREAKING: Bank Forecloses On Malia Obama’s Chicago Home

What irresponsible trash!

When Malia Obama bought an apartment on the 42nd floor of Marina Towers, one of the most exclusive apartment buildings in the city of Chicago, many wondered if her daddy was helping her pay for it. Apparently, we now have an answer to that question — no.

According to a public notice published in the Chicago Tribune’s print edition Monday, Bank of America is foreclosing on the property.

According to the notice, no payments have been made on the property “in a full calendar year.”

Obama purchased the property on her 18th birthday but apparently decided that she didn’t want to keep making payments because the Obamas are not used to spending their own money for things they want.

According to neighbor Bruce Smithfield, the Obama daughter has used her apartment, throwing “repeated” loud parties with her “hood rat friends” whenever she is on break from Harvard, where she barely maintains a “c” average.

It is unclear why her father is not throwing his own money at his daughters problems like he usually does, but the apartment is due to be auctioned next month.

This is yet another example of the Obamas being nothing but leeches on our society.

Hopefully this will be an important lesson for Malia, but we doubt it




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