BREAKING: Alabama Flu Outbreak Linked To Obama’s Ebola Fiasco

In 2014, Barack Obama stunned the world by allowing the Ebola virus to land on the shores of the United States. Almost as if he had ordered it, rescue workers from Uganda and Haiti who were exposed to the deadly virus were allowed to come back to the United States where they were quarantined and treated. 42 died, the rest left the hospitals they were held with a clean bill of health.

One of those hospitals was in Mobile, Alabama, and now that the facts are coming out, the illness seems to all be surrounding the family and friends of Bethany Palmer, a local prostitute whose brother contracted Ebola in Yemen. Palmer died of “influenza” just three days ago and everyone who has come in has been connected to her somehow.

One ER doctor who suggested these people were dying from “hemorrhagic fever” was taken into custody by the CDC and sent home under a gag order from a local judge.

The truth needs to get out. Obama’s Ebola is spreading through Alabama and it needs to be stopped. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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